Using the Luna For Facial Hair Removal

Using the Luna For Facial Hair Removal

Who doesn't like their face looking and feeling soft, smooth, and free of hair. It’s makes the perfect canvas for moisturizers, makeup, and more.

But no matter your gender or how you identify, facial hair is totally normal. We actually all have hair on our faces, even those who won't admit it. If a hair-free face is what gets you feeling so fresh and so clean (clean), VivaLaJolie's Luna might be exactly what you need.

This awesome IPL device (that’s intense pulsed light, ICYMI) uses bursts of light kind of like laser hair removal does. It’s totally safe, and its the easiest to DIY at home (plus, it’s waaayyy cheaper).

Less painful than waxing (hot wax on our faces? no, thanks) and more convenient than shaving (tiny KNIVES on our faces? nooooo, thanks), Luna delivers permanent hair reduction and noticeable results after four uses.

If somehow you still need convincing, let’s dive into why we have facial hair in the first place, the other options for facial hair, and how using Luna for facial hair removal reigns supreme.

Why Do I Have Hair Growing on My Face?

Some of us have more prominent facial hair than others —maybe some peach fuzz on the upper lip, more prominent sideburns due to dark hair, a few scraggly chin hairs. This has to do with a few different factors.

Most notably is hormones. Facial hair growth mainly has to do with the hormonal changes that happen in our body, both during puberty and as we age. Hormones fluctuate differently from person to person, or even from day to day (PMS, we see you).

Additionally, hair growth can be hereditary. Sometimes hair just runs in the family (thanks a lot, Dad)! Medical conditions are another reason you may have facial hair. PCOS, endometriosis, and thyroid issues are just a few of the medical conditions that may cause your hair growth to accelerate.

The rest of our hair pretty much all has biological functions. Most don't know that body hair helps us regulate our temperatures, head hair helps trap heat in the cold and protect your scalp in the sun, and eyebrows keep sweat, dust, and debris away from our eyes. But facial hair? Science says it is useless. So, if you want to get rid of it, we gotchu.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have facial hair, but if you want to remove it we're your new BFF.

The Most Common Ways To Remove Facial Hair

There are many different skincare techniques you can use to remove the unwanted hair on your face, from electrolysis to laser hair removal to intense exfoliating to hair removal cream to dermaplaning.

Whether you are looking for permanent hair removal or low-maintenance upkeep (aren't we all), there are methods of hair removal for everyone. However, it's best to choose a DIY hair removal product or technique that best suits your skin to avoid side effects like the dreaded skin irritation.


There’s a reason the razor is probably the most common form of hair removal device. It is fast, easy, and affordable, which are some of the method’s benefits over many other home devices.

Still, shaving isn't all its cracked up to be. Most notably is the fact that the results from shaving are not permanent. Like, not even a little. If you shave off facial hair, you can expect to have to re-shave in about one to three days, depending on how fast your hair grows and who has time for that?

Shaving works by using a razor blade to cut the hair shaft, which removes the tip of the hair above the skin. The hair follicle below the skin? Yeah, that little buddy is still intact. This is why it’s easy for the hair to grow back. Plus, that stubble that comes back when you shave off hair instead of getting it out at the root isn’t exactly what smooth skin dreams are made of.

All this is also assuming you’re some kind of superhero that can shave without razor burn or lil tiny cuts — shaving cream only goes so far.


Another easy, effective, and affordable hair removal method is tweezing. Unlike shaving, for tweezing, you need a (yep, you guessed it) tweezer! Tweezers are designed to pluck the hair out from the root. Since tweezing takes the entire hair out, including the root, the results typically last longer than the results from shaving.

You can use tweezing on any type of facial hair, but if you are looking to get rid of a large patch of hair it will take FOREVER — and we do mean forever! Tweezing requires you to go hair by hair, which will seem like pulling weeds.

If you are shaping your eyebrows or plucking the occasional stray hair, tweezing is a simple option. If you want to get rid of a whole mustache, it's not the most time-effective method. And don’t even get us started on ingrown hairs.


Epilation is somewhere between tweezing and shaving. Often seen as a blast from the past Epilators are mechanical devices that pluck your hairs out and remove them from the root. But instead of tweezing — which has you go hair by hair — epilator devices grab multiple hairs at the same time and take them all out at once.

There are dry epilators that can be used without water. There are wet epilators that can be used while you are in the bath or shower. Whatever way you swing it, epilators work well at getting even short hairs out. Since epilation gets the entire hair follicle out, the results can last for about up to 4 weeks.

Okay, so that all sounds good but what’s the catch? Epilators can hurt, and we do mean hurt.... While we’ve all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain,” who wants to suffer through a painful hair removal experience when there’s a better (read: painless) option.


Speaking of pain, nothing hits quite like pouring hot wax on our faces and then ripping out our hair by the root. Fun, right? Wrong!

You can do at-home waxing or go to a salon to have someone rip your hair off for you. A pro of waxing are that it removes the hair from the root, so hair typically grows back slowly and finer than it was before, however that is not the case for all. On the flip side, it can also cause acne and ingrown hairs and redness of the skin.

You may not have hair up there any more, but people will be looking at the redness on your upper lip 👀

Depilatory Creams AKA the Smelly Stuff

What’s that smell? No, seriously — WTF is that?!

If you don’t like the idea of sharp things prodding at your face, depilatory creams are an easy and cheap way to get rid of facial hair. Depilatory creams use chemicals to break down the proteins in your hair. This makes it easy for the hairs to dissolve and just wash away.

If you have never used a depilatory cream before, do a patch test first — even though the chemicals can be safe for skin, some people may have an allergic reaction to the formulas.

Generally speaking, these creams also smell pretty bad due to the fact most of them contain chemicals that we’d rather not put near our faces, TBH.


Threading uses a thread to twist around the hair follicle and pull it out. Many people with sensitive skin like threading because it does not involve chemicals, so there is no risk of a skin reaction. If you use retinoids on your skin, threading is a safe and easy option. Threading results also last longer than tweezing or shaving.

The negative side of threading though is that it can be quite painful — you may shed a tear (or two). While it is just a thread, it feels like a bunch of never-ending little pinches on your face.

Laser Hair Removal

Going to a dermatologist or a medical spa to get a laser hair removal treatment may provide long-lasting results (after countless appointments), but it can be very expensive. The cost will depend on where you go to get the treatment, where you live, and how much hair you have. Laser also may not work on people with particularly light hair, like blondes.

Plus, we don’t want to have to go all the way to a medispa every time our mustache makes an unwelcome appearance.


In our humble opinion, we saved the best for last. Like we said earlier, IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a form of light therapy that is similar to laser hair removal, but there are some differences. IPL is used to treat various skin conditions, and permanent hair removal is one of them.

IPL is suitable for all skin tones and skin types and can cover a small area or a larger area. Whether you need a touch-up or to work on a major skin surface, IPL is for you.

IPL devices work by emitting broad-spectrum light pulses. These wavelengths target the pigments in your hair. As the pigments in your hair absorb the light, the light turns to heat which then kills the hair growth cells. It sounds pretty scientific, but long story short your hair follicles are destroyed and will grow back sparser, and slower, after each treatment. If your goal is a permanent reduction in hair growth, this is a no-brainer.

At VivaLaJolie we have two handheld IPL devices you can use at home, but the Luna IPL Hair Removal Handset is perfect for removing unwanted facial hair. Let’s talk about why!

Why Should I Use the Luna for Facial Hair Removal?

Here are some of our favorite reasons we suggest Luna for getting rid of unwanted facial hair.


One is that you can use this device all over your body. So, buy it for your face but know that you can use it on your arms, legs, bikini line, and pretty much anywhere else, too. Now that is what we call multitasking.


Your face is precious. It is not just a flat surface like your arm or leg. Your face needs some extra TLC, and the Luna is the perfect way to get that. Our design is sleek and user-friendly, making the device super easy to hold and maneuver.

Plus, our light pulses are optimized to give you better precision, so you can spend less time removing hair and still get effortless results.


$149.00 USD for almost 30 years of hairlessness? Talk about a steal. Yep, we know it seems crazy to even think about owning a device for 30 years these days, but it is the truth.

Hey, so it doesn't charge. It has to be plugged into an electrical outlet for use… like a blow-dryer…

Time To Luna

You are one step closer to silky, smooth, fresh facial skin. But before we go, a few tips. If you use Luna on your face, do not go above the cheekbones. The skin around your eyes is so delicate, so it is best to keep the device below the cheekbones.

So, next time someone says “wow, you’re glowing!” you can say, “Thanks, it’s Luna!”

Let’s get IPL-ing.


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